LlamaSoft TM

LlamaSoft TM

Llama, a peculiar highland camelid is recognizable by its towering and elegant posture, typical banana-shaped ears, straight back and a long neck.

These animals played a big role on the culture and spiritual beliefs of the Inca Empire, its fiber being one of the most valuable characteristics for royalty.

Archaeological remains were discovered where it was found that the fiber’s fineness used to be superior to the current one. Sadly, when the Spanish conquered, llamas were used mainly as pack animals and treated poorly, as a consequence the overall llama fiber was affected. The country with the largest population of llamas worldwide is Bolivia with over 2.6 million heads from which 75% are colored and the rest is white.

Nearly 550 years later, Altifibers bets were set on the potential of the llama fiber and its ancient characteristics. For over 30 years Altifibers invested on llama fibers potential and developed its own know-how to dehair it. In this process, the coarse is taken away, leaving just the finest hairs, the result is LlamaSoftTM.

LlamaSoftTM comes in two qualities: BabyLlama and FinoLlama, ranging from 21,5 to 26 mic.

Characteristics and benefits


LlamaSoft comes in a large range of 13 natural (undyed) colors. Going all the way from pure white to all tones of brown, from light beige to deep maroon, from gray to the darkest black. Since there is no dying and the color is 100% natural, our yarn and fabric collections are eco friendly, and in great demand by the new generation of consumers.

Another great characteristic of LlamaSoft is the large diameter of the hollow core of the llama fiber, resulting in a fiber with fantastic insulation capacity and breathability. This means that the fiber breathes better in warm weather conditions and is able to insulate and keep you warm in cold weather conditions.

LlamaSoft has a larger comfort factor compared to regular llama fiber, as well as an incredibly lower prickle factor. The union of these characteristics makes this fiber comfortable and pleasant to the skin.

Some other characteristics evaluated in garments made out of Llama-Soft yarn are that it is hypo allergenic, as well as antimicrobial, water resistant, stain resistant, and flame retardant.

Finally, LlamaSoft yarn has been tested to have almost zero pilling presence, the lowest compared to other natural fibers.

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