We offer luxurious and hypoallergenic yarns, all of them are made from hollow core fibers that offer warmth when needed but also good breathability to keep you cool when needed. Our yarns are available in three different supports: cones, braids, and balls.

Altifibers is a pioneer in Bolivia when it comes to fantasy yarns, which are a combination of various colors. We offer three kinds of fantasy yarns: tubular, boucle, and chained.

Fiber spinning involves the transformation of fibers into yarn, and fibers can be made from natural, synthetic, artificial materials or a mix of any of the mentioned materials. Spinning involves twisting several short fibers together to produce a continuous strand. When long filaments are spun together, stronger yarns are created.

For the past two decades, Peru has gained recognition for its industrialization of Alpaca Fibres, making it the primary exporter of Alpaca Fibres in different presentations globally. With over 3 million Alpacas, Peru has the largest population of these animals in the world, and it also has about 1.4 million Llamas, the second-largest population globally.

On the other hand, Bolivia is home to the largest population of Llamas globally, with more than 2.2 million of these animals. However, the fibers of Llama wool are coarse, reaching up to 90 microns, which makes these Fibres unappealing for the textile industry, and limits its industrialization potential.

Altifibers has developed its own unique approach to dehairing Llama Fibers, which has yielded impressive results. As a result, we have been able to overcome the challenges associated with Llama wool coarseness and produced a very high-quality Llama fiber for the textile industry, known as LlamaSoft.

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