Altifibers is the leading Bolivian Company in the production and export of Llama and Alpaca Knits. The company has close to 25 years of experience in the textile market providing high-end garments under private label to clients at the European market. The company prides itself in its strong commitment to social responsibility, its high-quality standards and its innovation though the use of top-quality llama fiber.

Production Capacity

 Altifibers’s production capacity for industrial knits is 3000 pieces per month, we work with the latest technology in multigauge Shima and Stoll machines covering gauges from 2.5 to 14.

Additionally, Altifibers has a hand-knit production capacity of 1000 pieces per month. Through a special social program, knitters (many of them single female heads of households) in the hand-knit division have the flexibility of working from home.


Altifibers’s sells under private label to clients in Germany, Denmark, Norway among others


Altifibers produces garments for women, men and children also accessories and home products in Llama, alpaca, and blends of these fibers with other materials such as silk, and highland sheep wool.

Altifibers also provides clients with dyeing services based on pantone codes, lab dip developments and fiber dyes with low environmental impact.

Quality Control

Each of the pieces produces at Altifibers goes through 5 quality control inspection points during the production process.

Social Responsibility

We have a strong commitment with the wellness of our workers

        • We provide ergonomic chairs for all of the workers.
        • Close the 90% of workers at the garment division are women; many single heads of households.
        • By creating job opportunities, we help preserve Bolivia is a strong knitting heritage.
        • We use fiber dyes with low environmental impact.
        • A water treatment plant has been mounted to treat the production’s water residues.
        • Natural gas is our main energy for heating, which has low-carbon emission factor.
        • Biodegradable plastic bags are used for shipping.

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