Tops are the result of a careful work of manual sorting followed by the most ecological processes of industrial washing and combing. Altifibers mission is to provide the best fiber quality in its main ranges of fineness and wide variety of colors.

Altifibers is one of the few companies of the world who has developed an industrial dehaired process of llama, obtaining the new authentic fiber, light, soft and trendy, called LlamaSoft.

LlamaSoft comes in 14 natural colors: from Pure White (BM) to Intense Black (NM).

Altifibers also works with the softest and most luxurious alpaca fibers, such as Baby, Suri, Super Fine and Adult alpaca, providing the market with the best quality tops. Alpaca fibers are available in 24 natural colors: from White (100) to Dark Black (501). Since 1997, Altifibers has developed the dehairing process of llama fibers at its softest. 

Finally, the main colors of Wool available are Merino (A2) and Creolle (B2).

For the last 20 years, Peru has been well known for the industrialization of the Alpaca Fibres and has become the major exporter of Alpaca Fibres in various forms to the world. Peru has more than 3 million Alpacas, the largest population in the world, and about 1.4 million of Llamas, the second largest population of these in the world.

On the other hand, Bolivia has more than 2.2 million Llamas, the largest Llama population in the world. Llama Fibres have not been used extensively, as these present coarse Fibres of up to 90 microns, making these Fibres unappealing for the textile industry, thus limiting the industrialization of the Llama Fibres.

Altifibers developed its own ¨Know How¨ for dehairing the Llama Fibres and has obtained remarkable good results.

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